Actuator Training

Custom Training ProgramsYou may be an end user, consulting engineer, contractor, valve maker or even actuator manufacturer. Our training programs can give you a comprehensive, unbiased overview of all the types of product available in the automation marketplace.

Our training covers the options for powering actuators and the conventions for various industries.

  1. The different types of valve and their requirements for actuation.
  2. The selection of the right actuator for the valve and specific application.
  3. The different types of actuator design ranging from multi-turn electric to quarter-turn fluid power with illustrations and site examples.
  4. The options for controlling actuators, from local controls to digital communications systems.
  5. Hazardous area certification.
  6. Retrofitting actuators to existing valves.
  7. Maintenance requirements.
  8. Industry applications.


Training can be given at your facility. Contact Us for details.