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Valve Actuators is an up to date and comprehensive introduction to the design, selection, sizing and application of todays’ valve and damper actuators.

This new book is intended as a guide for automated valve users, engineers and valve industry professionals that need to understand valve actuators. It describes the various types of electric and fluid powered actuators in terms of design, power supplies, controls and sizing.

The reader is take through the logical steps of selecting the correct actuator for their application, including isolating, modulating and fail safe variations.

There are sections on matching actuators to new valves and also retrofitting actuators to existing valves. Examples of where actuators are found in various industrial applications and a comprehensive technical appendix make this book a valuable reference manual.

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This book should be on every engineer’s bookshelf that works in the process or process control industry.  It provides the link between valve and the process.  The reader is led through the procedures of application, selection, sizing, system design and specifying the actuator. – Edward Stillwell, PE Control System Engineer
This book covers the many and varied types of actuator designs. It helps users understand the type of actuator which is suitable for a particular valve and application. This is an easy to access reference work on all you will ever need to know about valve actuators.
– Bill Whitely, Chairman SpiraxSarco Engineering Plc and former CEO Rotork Plc.
An amazing job of explaining and illustrating actuators, and of course the engineering principles.  We need engineering books like this: ones that explain engineering in a well written and digestible form – Sir James Dyson
Chris Warnett Profile Picture sqChris Warnett Ceng MimechE started his career designing electric and pneumatic actuators in the UK with a major actuator manufacturer. After moving the the USA in 1980 he held several senior sales and marketing management positions.

Chris has over 37 years of engineering, sales and marketing experience in valve automation. Chris is currently the principal of CPLloyd Consulting Inc., providing marketing and applications expertise for the valve automation industry and its customers.